Mini Bike Racing @ Cheap Thrills

You might have heard we teamed up with Flat Out Friday and Jive Turkey Racing to bring MiniBike Racing to Cheap thrills Seaside. Read through the rules and regs and SIGN UP for a weekend of thrills and spills! Hope to see you on the track.


  • Minimum age is 18 years old with proof of age.
  • All racers must have their own mini bikes. No mini bikes will be provided for racing.
  • Both racers and bikes must pass a pre-race inspection.  (loose parts, fluid leaks, working brakes etc.)
  • All Racers must sign a waiver.
  • DOT helmet – no racing without one.
  • Gloves, Boots over the ankles & shirts and long pants. (the track is hard-packed sand with broken shells, so cover)
  • You must have an easily accessible kill switch, preferably mounted on the handlebars.


These rules have been implemented to make the competition tighter without compromising safety.

Unlimited / Expert Class

  • AKA run what ya brung. The only requirements for this will be 2 wheels, single speed. 

Semi-Stock / Small Block.  

  • Motors can be no larger than 6.5 hp blocks, and must run on maximum 93 octane standard pump fuel. What you do internally to the motor is up to you. No alternative fuel bikes allowed.  
  • All bikes MUST have a pull start.  No external starters.  This must be demonstrated at registration in order to get a race number. Some true mini bikes may have stock electric starters – these will have to pass a visual inspection to receive a race number.  Once again, NO EXTERNAL STARTERS.  
  • No front end hydraulic suspension. Springs are fine, but no motorcycle-style hydraulics. You know what a stock mini bike frame looks like and we will adhere to it. Rear shock-mounted seats are ok.
  • One gear, no shifting.  Torque converters allowed. 
  • Wheel size, not tire size, is limited to 10” or smaller.
  • Frames must be old school minibike style. Not trail bikes/dirt bikes/mini motorcycles with motor changes. 


  • Sidecar racing rules are the same as Semi Stock.

Remember all of the races are first and foremost for fun.  Sportsmanship is expected.  Lack of it will not be tolerated.  Let’s have fun!

To sign up EMAIL US today!